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What is WAY Camp?

  1. What is WAY Camp?
  2. What are you going to learn this year?
  3. What is ChristianGovernance?
  4. Our WAY Camp Vision

(You don’t have to read everything on this page, but please take a few minutes to read the first two sections so that you know what you’re getting into this year…)

WAY Camp stands for:

W – Worldview
A – Apologetics
Y – Youth


WAY Camp is an intensive week – and we mean intensive – of training in Biblical worldview and apologetics with lots of fun and a full camping experience built in.

  • You will build and strengthen great friendships.
  • You will be taught by several excellent teachers.
  • You will be eating and sleeping and showering outdoors all week.
  • There will also be indoor and outdoor games and sports and swimming – and horseback riding for an additional cost.
  • There’s a tennis court, basketball hoop and more on site. There’s a beach, volleyball court and boat launch nearby on the Ottawa River. There are acres of bush for hiking. There is very little “light pollution” so the stars are very bright in the clear night skies.
  • All meals are outdoors with bar-b-qs and campfires, and everybody gets involved cooking and preparing meals.
  • The teaching will be indoors with an air conditioned “Great Room” complete with a polar bear rug and a fantastic view across the Ottawa River to the Gatineau Mountains.

Download the WAY Camp 2013 poster here.


What are you going to learn this year?

This year’s training will include some core apologetics and creation apologetics sessions. These are modules of the training that we include every year, but this year we have different teachers providing this material.

Jojo Ruba – all the way from Alberta – will be teaching two core apologetics lectures. Jojo recently founded a new Canadian apologetics organization (see his bio on our “Meet the Experts” page), and he used to work full time in pro-life apologetics.

We have a chemistry professor from Quebec providing a 4-part origins science series. He has developed his own origins presentation which has proven very popular in churches and other venues. We are looking forward to his unique presentation at WAY Camp 2013.

And back by popular demand is Pastor/Professor Brian Murray whose presentations and discussions on the 10 Commandments have been very well received. God’s law is foundational to Biblical worldview.

Mr. Murray has an excellent way of helping the students work with the different commandments to understand what they mean, and to explore some of the many, many ways they must be applied in our lives to enable us to live in obedience to God’s law. This year, he will explore a single commandment over the course of 3 lectures. In previous years, students found that one lecture per commandment didn’t give them enough time to adequately explore the implications of  each commandment.

This year, we are also going to provide a worldview focus on relationships. The Bible has so much to say about communication and conflict resolution and every other aspect of relationships, but so many Christians bumble along with much misery in these areas because we don’t realize how much truth God has given us help us with our relationships. And relationships are so foundational to every aspect of our lives: family life, church life, business and ministry.

We have a certified Biblical counselor, Ron Harris, joining us to teach four sessions on some of the most important principles for building strong and healthy relationships.

We are also looking forward to Brian Brodie joining us to provide wisdom on leadership. He has been a church elder for decades, sometimes in very difficult situations. He. Is a strong believer in the importance of discipling men for leadership, and he has a proven track record in this respect. His teaching on leadership two years ago, at our first, WAY Camp, was very well received.

And finally, we are eager to welcome Pastor Tony Zekveld, a church planter in Toronto with a multicultural church that works primarily with the Pakistani community. Pastor Zekveld is going to lead us in a practical ministry component of this year’s camp. Stay tuned for more details on this. It may involve going into Ottawa for some ministry, or it may involve role-playing and other activities at the camp, or it might involve going into one of the smaller towns nearby.  We will give you more details as they become available.

If you want to know how we are getting all this and more into only one week of camp, check out our schedule on our Registration page.


WAY Camp is a Biblical worldview, apologetics and leadership youth camp.

Biblical worldview teaches you what you believe and why so that you don’t get sucked in by ideas which at first sound appealing, but which are really bad news.

Apologetics gives you the tools to talk to others about what you believe. And when you’re more confident about sharing your beliefs, then your own convictions about what you believe get stronger.

Leadership is about influence. It’s not about standing up on a stage and giving an amazing dynamic speech to an audience of 20,000 people and getting a standing ovation. Leadership is about influence. It’s about respectfully exercising influence over the network of family, friends and acquaintances that you have today, and desiring to expand your circle of influence over time. It’s about influencing rather than being influenced; leading rather than following – especially in terms of beliefs and morality.

WAY Camp is a ministry of ChristianGovernance, so we’d better tell you something about ChristianGovernance…


What is ChristianGovernance?

ChristianGovernance was founded to teach and train Christians in Biblical worldview, and to call non-Christians to seriously consider Christianity and its credible and ethical claims regarding worldview.

ChristianGovernance wants to see Canada transformed by embracing a Christian view of the world – including a Christian view of ethics, politics and social order. This starts with affirming the Lordship of Christ and the abiding relevance of God’s law.

That’s a mouthful – and a grand vision – so the best time to start working towards such a lofty goal is right now. We’re confident of success – though probably not in our lifetime, which is why we want to pass on this great legacy to youth – the next generation – because God holds the future and He has promised to preserve His Church and to advance His Kingdom. Check out our theme verse from the Bible…

Theme Bible passage: “He is before all things, and in him all things hold together. And he is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything he might have the supremacy. For God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in him, and through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through his blood, shed on the cross.” – Colossians 1:17-20


Our WAY Camp Vision

Vision statement: “To provide an opportunity for Christian youth to be inspired and motivated in their Christian walk by being educated in a Biblical worldview, prepared to intelligently defend their faith and trained to be leaders.”


As powerful forces in our culture are moving us away from our Christian roots, a growing number of Christians are realizing the importance of Biblical worldview and the need to teach and train our youth in Biblical worldview, apologetics and leadership. We look forward to linking arms with you in support of this important mission among our Christian young men and women.

The reality is that it’s hard to find a better investment for young people these days than solid Biblical worldview and apologetics teaching, and training in leadership.

Upwards of 80% of young adults are leaving the church when they move out of home and into university or the workforce. The best research indicates that much of the reason for this is that they aren’t intellectually grounded in their faith, so they flounder in the face of challenges from their peers and lose confidence in their faith. The solid grounding from apologetics and training in the distinctive Biblical approach to every area of life is a benefit to all Christian young men and women.

Our vision for WAY Camp, then, is to Inspire Christian young people to live intentional Christian lives as leaders or influencers wherever God places them in His Kingdom.

What do we mean?

Well, here’s a testimonial by leading American Biblical worldview advocate, Chuck Colson. In it, he’s promoting a popular American Biblical worldview organization known as Summit Ministries:

“According to my friend Jim Dobson, that’s where his son Ryan was. A good kid, but with a very small vision of the world – one limited to skateboarding and meeting girls. Then, he went to a Summit Ministries Student conference and everything changed. According to Ryan, the two weeks he spent at Summit Ministries literally changed the trajectory of his life. Learning about the consequences of ideas, how the Biblical worldview is true and how to defend it against other worldviews, led him to a bigger vision of life and put him on the path of standing for truth and making a difference in society.”

We, with WAY Camp, want to Inspire Christian young people to live these intentional Christian lives by Equipping them with a Biblical worldview and with the tools they need to defend their faith and to contend for the faith.

It has been said that a person who does not know what he believes and why, over against what he does not believe and why, will always be led by those who do.

Christian leaders or influencers must know what they believe and why over against what they do NOT believe and why.

Youth are not too young to be leaders. But today, almost all of them are being led – influenced – by people and values and beliefs that are hostile to Biblical Christianity and God’s truth.

Youth are idealistic and zealous. Youth is the time for doing great exploits. The Communists focused their recruitment on teens as young as 16-years-old, and even 15 years of age. On the other hand, too many of us in the Church fear zeal, and douse the enthusiasm of our youth.

We don’t need to look to the Communists to understand the nature or character of youth. Take a look at First John, chapter 2. In verses 12-14, John writes:

“I am writing to you, dear children, because your sins have been forgiven on account of his name. I am writing to you, fathers, because you know him who is from the beginning. I am writing to you, young men, because you have overcome the evil one. I write to you, dear children, because you know the Father. I write to you, fathers, because you know him who is from the beginning. I write to you, young men, because you are strong, and the word of God lives in you, and you have overcome the evil one.

Notice the characteristics that John highlights for young men: “I am writing to you, young men, because you have overcome the evil one. … I write to you, young men, because you are strong, and the word of God lives in you, and you have overcome the evil one.”

Young men are in that time of life – and spiritual growth – when they are engaged in the most intense conflicts of their lives against their and God’s enemies: sin, Satan and worldly principles. This is the time of life for great exploits. This is the time in life when safety and security give way to risk and courage.

Young men who don’t learn courage are at high risk of either becoming reckless or lazy – irresponsible because they aren’t given important responsibilities to prove their maturity and test their manhood. These young men need to prove their courage in many ways. They need to have the courage to stand alone for what is right and good and true. They need to demonstrate the courage to defend the weak and vulnerable. When they are married, they are expected to love sacrificially and even lay down their lives for their wife and children. This requires the courage to die.

These young men need to cultivate the courage to do battle and to conquer. If they know that what they believe is true and just, their love for others must be expressed in a resolve to conquer the forces of deception and injustice.

And what about young women? You can learn a lot about young women from Proverbs 31. The section on the wife of noble character begins at verse 10: “A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.”

What does a wife have to do with a young woman? Maybe more than people today think. But we all know that a woman does not automatically become noble on her wedding day. Genuine nobility is a character trait with deep, deep roots; it’s a characteristic that takes many years of training and habit to cultivate. Nobility implies discipline, maturity and strength. It’s impossible to develop sustained discipline and strength of character without a clear vision, single-mindedness and an outward looking, goal-oriented spirit of duty and service.

This is the kind of woman presented in Proverbs 31. A woman of industry and prudence. An entrepreneurial and resourceful woman. A disciplined and selfless woman. A healthy and hardy woman. A charitable and wise woman. A strategic and growth-oriented woman. A woman who fears the LORD.

Proverbs 31: 13, 15-18, 20, 22, 25-27: “She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands. She gets up while it is still night; she provides food for her family and portions for her female servants. She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard. She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks. She sees that her trading is profitable, and her lamp does not go out at night. She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy. She makes coverings for her bed; she is clothed in fine linen and purple. She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue. She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.”

All people need a faith and a vision, a reason for living and a reason, if necessary, for dying. But young men need such a faith and vision more than anybody else. If they don’t find it in Christ and Christianity, they will look elsewhere – and they do today. Statistics show the tragic number of young men and women who walk away from the Church and from their Christian faith when they leave home and go away to university or college.

Training in Biblical worldview, apologetics and leadership provides a solid foundation for your teen – your young adult – to stand firm in his or her faith, to persevere in the face of opposition and ridicule, and to live a proactive and intentional Christian life.

That kind of zeal and commitment not only Inspires the young man or young woman, it also Inspires their parents…