WAY Camp 2012 Recommended Reading Lists

Dear Tim & WAY Camp heroes:

Well, you asked! Here are A FEW of the great books which may transform your “view of the world.” Of course, give me another day and I might add ten more. Start here … especially with two by Pearcey [How Now …? … & Total Truth] because of her own reading lists at the back of each book. Blessings in the Source of all wisdom,

John McF.

Behe, Michael.  Unlocking the Mystery of Life (DVD re. intelligent design).

Blamires, Harry.  The Christian Mind.  Servant, Ann Arbor, Michigan. 1978.

Boa & Burnett.  Wisdom At Work:  A Biblical Approach to the Workplace.  NavPress, CO Springs. 2000.

Calvin, John.  Institutes of the Christian Religion.  Still influential “systematic theology” based on Apostles’ Creed.

Carson, D. A.  Christ & Culture Revisited.

Clark, Gordon H.  Thales to Dewey: A History of Philosophy ~ an entertaining/enlightening survey of world’s great thought.  Trinity Foundation; Jefferson, Maryland. 1957.

Coleman, Robert.  The Master Plan of Evangelism.

Colson, Charles; Fickett; H.  The Faith, Given Once, For All:  What Christians Believe, Why …, & Why It Matters.

Colson, Charles; Pearcey, Nancy.  How Now Shall We Live?  Tyndale House ~ Wheaton, IL. 1999. Note esp. the 15 pages of recommended book titles at the back!

The Fundamentals. Classic 1915 set of 90 articles by conservative “evangelical” scholars vs. liberalism.

Gerstner, John.  Reasons for Faith.

Groothius, Douglas.  Jesus In An Age of Controversy.

Heritage.  Indivisible: Social & Economic Foundations of American Liberty (The Heritage Foundation).

Heritage.  Seek Social Justice (DVD series by Heritage Foundation).

Johnson, Phillip E.  Darwin On Trial.  IVP. “Evolution is based on faith … in philosophical naturalism.”

Julian, Ron.  Righteous Sinners.

Kennedy, D. James.  What If Jesus Had Never Been Born?

Kuyper, Abraham.  Creating a Christian Worldview:  Kuyper’s Lectures on Calvinism. Heslam. Eerdmans, GR, MI. 1998.

Lane, Tony.  Exploring Christian Thought.  Nelson, Nashville, TN. 1984. Nelson’s Christian Cornerstone Series.

Leithart, Peter J.  The Kingdom & the Power: Rediscovering the Centrality of the Church.  Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing, Phillipsburg, New Jersey. 1993.

Lewis, C. S.  Mere Christianity.  Many published varieties today. 1943. “Mere” here = basic creedal.

Lindsell, Harold.  The Battle for the Bible (conservative view of inerrancy controversy).  Zondervan, 1978.

Little, Paul.  How To Give Away Your Faith & Know Why You Believe.

Lundgaard, Kris.  The Enemy Within:  Straight Talk about the Power & Defeat of Sin.

Machen, J. Gresham.  Christian Faith in the Modern World (J. Gresham Machen).

Machen, J. Gresham.  The Christian View of Man.  The Banner of Truth Trust, London. 1937.

Machen, J. Gresham.  Christianity & Liberalism.  Early 20th Century classic comparison of two religions.

Marsden, George M.  Outrageous Idea of Christian Scholarship.  Oxford University Press, New York, NY. 1994.

Meyer, Stephen.  Icons of Evolution (DVD re. intelligent design).

Moreland, J. P.  Love Your God With All Your Mind: The Role of Reason in the Life of the Soul.  NavPress. Moreland gives 30+ pages of recommended books, resources for intellectual life and integration.

Murray, Iain.  The Puritan Hope.

Needham, N. R.  Two Thousand Years of Christ’s Power.  3-volume history of the growth of Christianity.

Noll, Mark.  The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind.  IVP, Downers Grove, Illinois. 1994.

NRA.  Explicitly Christian Politics:  The Vision of the National Reform Association. Edited by William Einwechter. The Christian Statesman Press, Pittsburgh, PA. 1997.

Packer, J. I.  Knowing God.

Pearcey, Nancy.  Of Pandas & People (concerning intelligent design).

Pearcey, Nancy.  The Soul of Science:  Christian Faith & Natural Philosophy.

Pearcey, Nancy.  Total Truth:  Liberating Christianity from its Cultural Captivity (“… razor-sharp analysis of the public/private split … how it hamstrings our efforts at personal & cultural renewal … reflecting a division in the concept of truth itself, which functions as a gatekeeper, ruling Xian principles out of bounds in public. How to unify our fragmented lives and recover spiritual power? Liberating Christianity from its cultural captivity. Practical, hands-on steps for crafting a full-orbed Christian worldview”). At the end of her book, Pearcey provides a thorough “worldview reading list” by categories.

Perspectives on The World Christian Movement (a book of readings that goes with this one-quarter missions series).

Piper, John.  Desiring God.

Richardson, Don.  Eternity In Their Hearts (Don Richardson).

Ryken, Leland; Shaw, Harold.  The Liberated Imagination:  Thinking Christianly About Arts.  Wheaton, IL. 1989.

Ryken, Leland.  Redeeming Time:  A Christian Approach to Work & Leisure.  Baker, Grand Rapids, MI. 1995.

Schaeffer, Francis A.  A Christian Manifesto (“A call for Christians to change the course of history ~ by returning to Biblical Truth and by allowing Christ to be Lord in all of life”).  Crossway Books, Westchester, Illinois. 1981.

Schaeffer, Francis A.  The Church Before the Watching World:  A Practical Ecclesiology. IVP. 1971.

Schaeffer, Francis A.  Death In The City (“How should we look at this post-Christian world & function as Christians in it?”).  1969.

Schaeffer, Francis A.  The God Who Is There:  Speaking Historic Christianity Into the 20th Century.  IVP. 1968.

Schaeffer, Francis A.  How Should We Then Live?  A “near prophetic” look at Western culture & where it is heading.

Schaeffer, Francis A.  True Spirituality.

Schmidt, Alvin.  How Christianity Changed the World (old title = Under the Influence ~ How Christianity Transformed Civilization).

Scholes, Alan Kent.  What Christianity Is All About: How You Can Know & Enjoy God.  Summary of doctrine.

Sire, James.  The Universe Next Door.

Smith, G. S. (editor).  God & Politics:  Four Views on the Reformation of Civil Government.  P&R, Phillipsburg, New Jersey. 1989.

Sproul, R. C.  Choosing My Religion (R. C. Sproul).

Sproul, R. C.  The Consequences of Ideas (Understanding the Concepts that Shaped our World).  Ligonier.

Sproul, R. C.  Essential Truths of the Christian Faith.  Brief summary of 100 key Christian doctrines.

Sproul, R. C.  The Holiness of God.

Stark, Rodney.  The Rise of Christianity.

Stark, Rodney.  The Victory of Reason:  How Christianity Led to Freedom, Capitalism, & Western Success.

Stein, Ben.  Expelled (a movie/documentary re. I-D by & starring Stein).

Symington, William.  Messiah the Prince.  Covenanter perspective on the mediatorial dominion of Christ & civil gov’t.

Summit.  Understanding The Times (Summit Ministries on “isms”).

Tackett, Del.  Focus On The Family’s “The Truth Project” DVD series on worldview.

Veith, Gene Edward.  Postmodern Times: Christian Guide to Contemporary Thought & Culture.  Crossway, Wheaton, IL. 1994.

Veritas Forum:  On-line collection of 1,000+ university-level talks commending Christian/Biblical worldviews.

Wells, David F.  The Courage to be Protestant ~ Truth-lovers, Marketers, & Emergents in the Postmodern World (Eerdmans, 2008).

Wells, David F.  Above All Earthly Pow’rs ~ Christ in a Postmodern World (Eerdmans, 2004).

Wells, David F.  Christian Faith & Practice in the Modern World ~ Theology from an Evangelical Point of View (Eerdmans, 1998).

Wells, David F.  God in the Wasteland ~ The Reality of Truth in a World of Fading Dreams (Eerdmans, 1995).

Wells, David F.  No Place for Truth, or Whatever Happened to Evangelical Theology? (Eerdmans & IVP, 1993).

Wilson, Doug; Hitchens, Christopher.  Collision (DVD documentary, debate between atheist & Christian).

Wolters, Al.  Creation Regained: Biblical Basics for Reformational Worldview.  Eerdmans, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 1985.

World Magazine.