Steve Zink, assistant pastor at Ottawa Reformed Presbyterian Church

Rev. John McFarland, pastor of Christ Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church in Lawrence, Kansas

  • Worldview decline – 1
  • Worldview decline – 2
  • Worldview decline – 3
  • The Kingdom of God: Christianity in Asia (Unavailable – to protect the lives of those on the front lines in the advancement of God’s Kingdom)
  • The Kingdom of God: Christianity & Civilization: The Treatment of Children
  • The Kingdom of God: Christianity & Civilization: Science

Professor Edmund Bloedow, Professor of Classical Studies, University of Ottawa

  • The Kingdom of God: The Person and Era of the Apostle Paul

Rev. Brian Murray, director of Gillespie Academy in Woodstock, Ontario, and associate pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church

Calvin Smith, Creation Ministries International (Creation apologetics)

Note: Both are full lectures, not excerpts.

Tim Bloedow, Executive Director, ChristianGovernance

  • Life Purpose Planning: Commissioned by God (Matthew 10)