Parliament Hill and Canadian Christian History Tours FAQ’s


Q 1: What are the objectives of this trip?

A: The objectives include, but are not limited to, enabling Christian homeschooled teens to:

  • Understand Canadian History from a Christian perspective, from the early days of settlement
  • Become familiar with Christians who contributed to the pre-Confederation discussions
  • Understand the impact of these Christians on forging a new nation:-The Dominion of Canada
  • Discover Christianity ‘written in stone’, engraved in brass and on windows in the halls of power in Ottawa
  • Be inspired to intentionally walk in the footprints of their Christian forefathers, including in areas of public service, for advancing Christ’s Kingdom and building Christian culture.


Q 2: Who is this trip geared towards?

A: The information prepared for this trip is geared to homeschooled AND Christian schooled high school teen children (ages 13-18).  Parents of homeschooled children must belong to a homeschool cooperative registered with either OCHEC [Ontario Christian Home Educators Connection] or ACPEC [Association of Christian Parent Educators of Québec], and must be members of HSLDA  [Homeschool  Legal  Defence Association].

Q 3: Why must homeschooling parents be members of HSLDA?

A: For purposes of a field trip, homeschooled students are covered by insurance through HSLDA in case of unanticipated harm.

Q 4: Are adults allowed on the trip?

A: Adults 19 years and over are welcome to act as chaperones. We cannot provide adult supervision of children.  Each group is responsible for providing its own supervision/chaperones.  Teens, unaccompanied by at least one of their parents, will not be accepted on this trip without a letter conferring guardianship and responsibility to another parent on the trip. 

Q 5: Is there a minimum number of people required for a trip?

A: No. We take groups as small as four people but we can accommodate larger groups as needed.

Schedule and Logistics

Q 6: What is the duration of the trip?

A: This program ordinarily begins on Wednesday evening and concludes on Friday afternoon. Extra nights can be considered on a case-by-case basis for self-guided touring of the National Capital region.

Q 7: What is involved in this trip?

Participants get over seventeen hours of teaching and touring which include: official tours of the Centre Block, The Peace Tower/Memorial Chamber, and Question Period in the House of Commons; other historic buildings as time permits; the Governor General’s Residence [Rideau Hall]; a walking tour of the Ottawa Locks and a free trip to the Museum of Civilization or any other museum in Ottawa. Museums are free on Thursdays after 4 pm. Therefore, groups are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity. After the end of the last tour on Friday afternoon, groups are encouraged to visit other museums at their own convenience and cost.

Q 8: What is the arrival and departure time?

A: Participants should aim to arrive in Ottawa by 2 pm on Wednesday afternoon. Departure ordinarily takes place from Ottawa after the last tour ends on Friday afternoon.

Q 9: Is it possible to stay an extra night to take in some more museum trips?

A:  Yes… as long as there is no conflict with our personal schedule. There is an additional cost to this. Please talk to us about it.

Q 10: Who takes care of all the tour arrangements?

A: Tim and Lynette and Daniel Bloedow take care of all necessary arrangements for the program.  We do not provide transportation around the city. You should plan to use paid parking close enough to walk to Parliament Hill. We will include directions to the cheapest and most convenient parking we know of, as has been used by other homeschoolers.  A tentative itinerary of your trip would be sent to you once the dates and times of the official Parliament Hill tours are confirmed.

Q 11: What if I live in the suburbs of Ottawa and would like to join or organize a group?

A: You will get the same amount of teaching and touring over two days but at a reduced cost if you do not overnight.

Registration and Cost

Q 13: How do I register for the trip?

A:  Each family represented, MUST complete a Family Registration Form. If the group includes more than one family, then a designated group leader or contact person must send in ALL the completed registration forms, letter[s] of guardianship for teens unaccompanied by one of their parents and 50% of the registration costs on behalf of all the families involved. Please submit the completed Family Registration Form to ChristianGovernance, PO Box 7, Russell ON K4R 1C7.

Q 14: How much does it cost?

A: For those coming from out of town, the cost is $110 per person  This cost is highly subsidized  therefore the cost remains the same whether or not you choose to avail yourself of the meals provided and you make alternative accommodations to that which is provided.

For groups living in the Ottawa suburbs, and who will not be overnight-ing, the cost is $25 per day per person. This is a 2-day trip. Cost is subject to change without prior notice.

Q 15: How much will an optional extra night/day cost?

A: Extra nights cost $50/person where we provide the accommodations and meals.

Q 16: When do you need a deposit?

A: Once a trip is booked, we request a 50% deposit with a completed Registration Form. The balance is to be paid upon arrival.

Q 17: What is your cancellation or refund policy?

A: We incur penalties for cancellation of official tours with less than two weeks’ notice.  The Parliament Hill Tour Cancellation Policy reads as follows:

All tours and programs are free of charge, however, should you need to cancel your reservation, you must do so two weeks prior to your tour date. If you fail to cancel before this deadline, you will be charged a $100 late cancellation fee. Also, if you fail to honour your reservation, you will be charged a $100 no show fee.

Therefore, there will be no refund if a trip is cancelled less than two weeks before the date.  However, if you must cancel, 100% of the deposit is refunded if cancellation occurs 30 or more days prior to tour date; or 50% from 15-30 days prior.

Q 18: To whom should the cheques be made payable?

A: All cheques should be made payable and sent to:


PO Box 7

Russell, ON

K4R 1C7

What to Bring

Q 19: What do we need to bring?

A: You should bring sleeping bag and pillow; toiletries; umbrellas; hats; comfortable walking shoes; Spring jackets [it is VERY windy on Parliament Hill on a cool Spring day]; some money; camera; sunglasses; valid health cards and signed waivers for minors and students unaccompanied by a parent/guardian.

Q 20: Is there any other requirement?

A: At this time of year, Parliament Hill is like a ‘zoo’ with many schools doing end-of-year trips.  It is preferable that our students are easily spotted in a crowd.  It would be helpful if your group wore the same colour shirt so that you could be easily identified. Please plan ahead with 2 shirts of the same colour.

Q 21: Is there a dress code?

Yes. Since we are targeting ‘Christian’ homeschooled kids, we expect that all young ladies would dress modestly as ambassadors of Christ.  As such, we request that young ladies avoid plunging necklines that show up cleavage, tight, short pants, and any manner of dress that would cause Christ to blush if He were physically present as a visitor in my home. Please show the utmost respect for the men in our home by not becoming a stumbling block to them.

Q 22: Could you remind me of the purpose of this trip?

A: Yes. The main purpose of this trip is primarily educational-to understand Canadian History from a Christian perspective; to learn about the contributions of Christians to- and their impact on-Canadian History; to see where Scripture has been engraved on brass, stone and windows on ‘The Hill’ and to inspire youth to walk in those shoes and make a contribution to impact the culture for Christ. You will have fun at the same time.

Q 23 My family is more interested in the tourism aspect of the tour. Are you willing to give a tour with minimum teaching?

A: Sure… but it will take the same amount of our time so there will be no change in cost.

Q 24: My family has been on one of your tours before and would like to see more of Ottawa. May we have a different focus next time?

A: Sure.  The options are limitless. You can have a tour of historic buildings [as available], historic churches [as available], other museums, art in the streets, historic monuments in the city and just about any focus you like.  We can tailor a tour to suit your group.

Please contact us at: 613-894-9544 with any further questions and concerns. We would love to serve you.