Parliament Hill and Canadian Christian History Tours

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Many Christians do not know about their rich Canadian Christian heritage. They do not know about their early ancestors who laid the foundations of Canadian society.

Believers in Jesus Christ, from many different areas of Christendom, had the kind of faith and vision to settle Canada, to suffer hardship and privations of every kind, to develop farming communities and to build churches, schools, towns and villages.

There were innovators of new farm machinery, entrepreneurs in the newspaper industry, politicians, founders of universities, lawyers, educators and so much more.

The main purpose of this trip is primarily educational—to understand Canadian History from a Christian perspective; to learn about the contributions of Christians to—and their impact on—Canadian History; to see where Scripture has been engraved on brass, stone and windows on ‘The Hill’ and to inspire youth to walk in those shoes and make a contribution to impact the culture for Christ. You will have fun at the same time.

We invite you to rediscover the past from a Biblical perspective by booking one of our tours TODAY.

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  • In-house Teaching
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Tours Available year-round based on schedule.