Joel Robichaud

Chemistry/Biochemistry Prof. at Champlain College Que.

After obtaining his baccalaureate in biochemistry (University of Moncton), Joel Robichaud completed his graduate studies in organic chemistry (Laval University: total synthesis of natural products) and worked twelve years in medicinal chemistry (Merck Frosst Canada: osteoporosis, infectious diseases, etc.).

Joel is now a tenured chemistry and biochemistry professor at Champlain College and he is currently completing another graduate degree in education (M.Ed.University of Sherbrooke).

Joel is the author or coauthor of over 30 scientific publications and patents, and he has
participated at over a dozen scientific conferences. For more than ten years Joel has been lecturing about key aspects that are crucial to the delicate but important subject of the origins of life. The approach taken entails objectivity and respect, avoids questionable issues, and maintains the focus on solidly established scientific principles and observations. The goal of his presentations centers on equipping hearers with all of the facts so that they may draw informed conclusions.