Daniel Gilman

Parliament Hill Staffer, Preaching Intern, Evangelist

Daniel Gilman has been a preaching intern at Church of the Messiah for the last two years. This includes public preaching every second week at Church on Wednesday, at the campus of the University of Ottawa. “This is the highlight of my week”, he says. Daniel also serves on the board of National Campus Life Network, which trains prolife students to be effective advocates for preborn babies on university campuses across Canada.

Daniel works as a Parliamentary Assistant for a Member of Parliament, is the Director of Parliament Hill Christian Fellowship and serves on the board of The National Prayer Breakfast which annually brings together Senators, Members of Parliament and Christian leaders from across Canada for prayer.

Daniel also works with Voice Found which equips parents to protect kids from sexual abuse. He is a passionate advocate against human trafficking – the equivalent of modern day slavery. He was actively involved in organizing one of the largest Canadian conferences against human trafficking- The Justice Summit. He sees a definite link between pornography, abortion and human trafficking. He recently founded another organization called ‘Strength To Fight’, to offer help for young people dealing with pornography addiction.

You can find him practicing lifestyle evangelism, living among the homeless and urban poor in Ottawa with a ministry called MoveIn, His vision is to see his neighbours grow in life-transforming love for Jesus Christ, and to walk in strength and courage as they follow Him through every adventure.