Colt Charlebois

Colt Charlebois is a successful real estate agent in his early 30’s who is no stranger to overcoming financial adversity. In his mid-20 Colt endeavoured to launch a business flipping houses which led him to over $100,000 in consumer debt. As a new real estate agent, having made little to no income some months, he barely had enough to survive let alone pay the ever growing monthly interest payments from his house flips gone bad.

In 2010, Colt found himself at a rock bottom in his life and through a series of events, surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. Through biblical teachings on stewardship, tithing, giving, servant leadership and God’s infinite grace, Colt is now in the top 10% of Real Estate agents in Ottawa and through coaching and mentorship is leading many others in his office to do the same.

“When I gave my life to the Lord, it totally changed my view on the world, I went from focusing on my own needs and desires to putting others first and serving my relationships like Christ would. In this alone, I found the greatest reason for living.” -Colt